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Nautical Consulting International Projects

Nautical Consulting International is dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise on a global scale. We provide specialized solutions for our international clients by implementing the latest best practices and technology in the maritime industry.

The World Bank - Republic of Marshall Islands

Port and Marine Safety upgrade.

Malaysian Marine Enforcement Agency

Conducted assessment  of marine support infrastructure for the Malaysian Marine Enforcement Agency. Planned significant expansion and conducted a peer review with local agencies.

PIANC - World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure

Port development consultation for small island nations.

Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Bank Project for the government of Papua New Guinea. We consulted on operational recommendations for the reorganization of the PNG Marine Safety Agency and to support a major aids to navigation rehabilitation project in Papua New Guinea.

Alpha Maritime Group

Inspection of Marinas in the Bahamas.

ECOM – City of Toronto

Consulted on navigation aid installation.

Port of Vancouver

Cost Analysis Evaluation and Traffic Organization Scheme/VTS for the Port of Vancouver, which is the second busiest port in North America.

WKJ Indonesia

Developed IALA standard training for Marine Aids to Navigation

Autonomous Port of Phnom Penh

IMO Analysis report.

Sealite Pty

Trained staff in Aids to Navigation, supervised infrastructure installation, and developed Mooring Guidelines for all types of marine buoys.

Installation and training for large marine infrastructure for the World Bank in Myanmar.

Canadian International Development Agency - Vietnam

Waterways Management & Modernization study through the Canadian International Development Agency in Vietnam, developing standards to aid the efficiency and safety of Vietnam’s inland and coastal waterways.

Phuket, Thailand

Marine Traffic Study in Phuket, Thailand, a high-traffic coastal area with a variety of dense recreational and commerical shipping areas.

BC Ferries Corporation

Client Analysis of Small Ferry Routes for BC Ferries Corporation.

Other Notable Projects

KASI Malaysia 

Delivered PAWSA training to port development officials of Singapore and Malaysia, conducted Ports and Waterways Assessment. Instructed on IALA approved basic VTS course classroom and Transas equipment.

Port of Pointe Noire

Developed port infrastructure, VTS systems, and provided aids to navigation training. Conducted requirement review with port users, customs officials, political officials, , pilots, and users. This a Main West African petroleum export and support port.

Nanaimo Port Authority

IMO/IALA approved marine risk assessment including informal peer review.

Mekong River Commission

Completed assessment and peer review of  aids to navigation system on the Mekong River and provided recommendations for upgrading to IALA Standards with recommendation for maintenance program.

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