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Nautical Consulting International provides a wide range of consulting services that cater to the unique needs of the maritime industry. 

Our firm draws on a wealth of experience in Marine Navigation and Seamanship. Using a global network of consultants and contributors specializing in areas such as port management, aids to navigation, safety, and vessel traffic services, we are a leading provider of maritime information and solutions.


Port Management

What Nautical Consulting International can do for your port:

  • VTS  Coastal and River– planning,  installation, training (IALA standard)

  • IALA certified Marine Risk Assessment (IWRAP and PAWSA, SIRA)

  • VTS, needs assessment, planning, installation, and training.

  • Ship greenhouse gas emission calculations.

  • Harbor Operations Manuals, port, and anchorage.

  • Aids to navigation needs assessment, planning, equipment, installation and training.

  • Marine safety – policy, regulations, staff and inspector training.

  • Channel design – for major shipping and river (Canadian Coast Guard model)

  • Hazardous materials – standards and training

Port Operations Manuals

Port manuals ensure standard procedure.

  • Introduction, contact information and regulations

  • Notification, documentation and reporting

  • Port description & navigation

  • Port safety & security

  • Nautical services & communication

  • Port operations

  • Port services

Port Management System

Port Management System (PMS) is a modular, enterprise solution designed to facilitate the planning and management of port operations.


PMS provides a complete end-to-end solution that is used for planning, scheduling, pre-arrival, arrival, at port, pre-departure, departure, vessel call summary, reporting, billing and more.

Vessel Traffic Services

Assessment of Vessel Traffic Management Systems with reference to IMO regulations and IALA guidelines. We will provide recommendations for improvement of your VTS processes, equipment, personnel and training. Our review is tailored specifically to the existing and planned operations of the port or waterway all to IALA standards.

Aids to Navigation

Assessment, Supply, Installation, and Training​

  • Yacht mooring buoys, navigation buoys, and lights, installation, and training.

  • Eco-friendly moorings, IALA standard buoys and lights, experienced installers, and world-class training.

  • Our mooring buoys are offered with eco-friendly “no bottom scour” moorings.

Marine Contingency Planning

Do you have emergency response plans, fire, spills, shipping accidents, other emergencies? We will assess your situation and develop response plans to fit your unique requirements.

PSC and ISPS Awareness – IMO Mandatory

Port State Control (PSC) and the International Ship and Port Security System (ISPS) are important International Maritime Organization mandatory "one windows" for ports that all marine managers, the private sector, and the government should be aware of. Our familiarization seminars are designed to introduce marine managers to how these two could affect your interests.

Marina Operations

Be efficient, safe and eco compliant. We offer courtesy inspections of marinas covering harbor operations, marine and operational safety, environmental compliance and physical marine structures.

IMO/IALA Certified Maritime Risk Assessment

Nautical Consulting International is certified by IALA, the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities to conduct their formal ports and waterways risk assessments IWRAP, an AIS based program. See SIRA-article.pdf for details on how we conduct a risk assessment.

Marine Legal & Expert Witness Services

Our team provides legal and expert witness services for maritime disputes and litigation.

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